Petal Art Council’s Jodie Brickson will bring a new mural to Petal

The friendly city will soon have a new touch of color, thanks to a new mural designed and painted by Jodie Brickson, member of Petal Arts Council.

The mural will be painted to come on the north side of the existing building next to Dollar Tree Corner Market, facing West Central Avenue. Dollar Tree will soon be moving to the old CVS building at the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue, at which point Dollar Tree’s current location will be vacated.

“I am delighted that the city is a positive environment for artistic growth, and the murals are not reserved for companies; they also help beautify our city,” said Ward 5 Alderman Drew Brickson, who is Jodie’s husband. “It also allows citizens and visitors to really enjoy what we have to offer.

“So it’s a great … and we try to build on our foundation and our roots, which is the family, but also companies and local businesses. So we start with a big city, and I am pleased that the Arts Council is deeply involved, and I am very proud that Jodie has worked on the design, and I am very happy to see the final product. »

Although the design for the mural is still being worked on, preliminary sketches show the words “Downtown Petal” flanked by figures walking through a park. Officials are currently working on coloring the mural so that it is well seen day and night.

“It’s basically going to be ‘Welcome to Downtown Petal,’ ‘We Belong,’ and ‘Discover,’ Drew said. murals all over downtown.”

The new mural will be Petal’s third, following murals at the Bradshaw Agency Building on West Central Avenue and Fire Station No. 3 on Mississippi 42.

“This will, hopefully, start where the city supports and works in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and some of Petal Area civic clubs,” said Drew. “(Civic clubs) will not only help make them, but often sponsor them.

“If it’s not on a city wall (belonging), it’s a business owner showing up and saying ‘I want to be part of this movement’. And that’s what’s exciting, because as a business owner, those are their walls, so that’s what’s exciting to me.

Officials are currently working to finalize the design and the contract for the mural. If all goes according to plan, work on the mural will be completed in time for the annual celebration of the Star-Spangled town for the Fourth of July.

“I know painters don’t like to paint in direct sunlight under the Mississippi sun,” Drew said. “But if we can finish in May – or at the latest early June – then I think it will create the conditions for Petal pass a good summer.

“It has started other projects, because there are four or five more murals that are in the queue for business owners, and the city has walls that the mayor is happy to present and say” hey, let’s put the concept in front of us”.

“There is a very deliberate process to approve a mural that is on the property of the city, so there are checks and balances. But I’m excited for it, plus I’m just proud that Jodie and the arts council pushed this and led this. We talk a lot, but we rarely do things, and so when we do, for me, that’s progress.

Norma D. Ross