Most Shared Tweet of All Time Costs Billionaire Art Collector Nearly $ 1 Million

It’s a playground truism that money can’t buy you friends – but it can certainly buy you reach on social media, as billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who celebrated the New Years Eve by announcing on Saturday, Jan.5 that he would pay 100 people one million yen (~ $ 9,200) for following and retweeting him. The giveaway ended on January 7, by which time Maezawa had racked up nearly 5.5 million retweets, making it the most shared Twitter post in history. Uh, congratulations?

Maezawa’s act of arbitrary wealth redistribution pales in comparison to his personal net worth, estimated at $ 2 billion per Forbes, and the success of her fashion line, Zozotown – apparently the reason for the publicity stunt.

“The Zozotown Spring Sale is the fastest in history and topped 10 billion yen !!” he tweeted, as reported The observer. “With daily appreciation, I will give 100 million yen (total gifts in millions of yen) in cash.”

What can I say ? If I were a billionaire, buying overpriced Basquiats and chartering flights to the fucking moon are probably the least frivolous things I would do. Probably, when you hang out exclusively in the company of other obnoxiously rich people like Elon Musk, a notable madman, doing weird things with your money becomes kind of a pissing contest. Haha! I just left 10 alpacas alive as a tip at Starbucks! I have gold plated my perineum! My favorite shoes are two Aston Martin DB5s that I roll like roller skates!

There is, however, something sad and desperate about investing $ 923,000 in what amounts to an offer for more social media followers. For that kind of money you’d think you could buy an entire army of Russian tweetbots, or a real life, or, I don’t know, feed all of Yemen’s starving kids, or maybe invest in A LOT of therapy. and get to the bottom of these self-esteem issues.

But EXCUSE ME, that doesn’t sound like fun, and no one has ever had a following in being selfless. This loser Gandhi lived and died without a single Twitter follower, so this should tell you something about giving up worldly possessions in pursuit of human transcendence from the ravages of desire. Money doesn’t buy happiness, said Gandhi or someone else, but maybe they just didn’t quite money, unlike Yusaka Maezawa and his 100 new best friends. They are lucky to know him – he’s about to be the MOST Popular Boy IN SPACE.

Well, maybe taking this trip to the outer stratosphere will be enlightening for Maezawa. Maybe seeing the entire Earth from afar, a gem floating in the void, improbably supporting the hopes and dreams of 7.7 billion human souls (over 1,200 different species of bats !! ), will help her realize that there is more to life than media attention, and perhaps the greatest gift is the opportunity to help others and wait for a sequel in return…

But more likely, he’ll tweet a few selfies to his 5.5 million followers and think about how much it would cost to buy Australia.

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Norma D. Ross