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What: An exhibition of artwork presented by The Dream Merchant, from the collection of Terry Kettenhofen

When: Until June

Or: The Fourth Street Gallery, 225 E. Fourth Street, Loveland

With over 650 pieces of art in his personal collection, Terry Kettenhofen decided he wanted to share a few with the Loveland community.

“Why not let the community see the myriad number of people and their styles and talents that are available,” he said.

Kettenhofen will have approximately 150 works by artists on display through June at the Fourth Street Gallery, 225 E. Fourth St., Loveland. He says most are by American artists, but the work of some international artists is included too.

“My thinking is, why buy something if you don’t like it or you won’t hang it,” he said.

Kettenhofen has been collecting art for about 25 years. He has represented artists selling their work and owned a gallery in Maui, Hawaii, where he lived before coming to Loveland to be near his son. His love of art and collecting began when he was drawn to the beauty of blown glass.

“It was color initially, but the entanglement, how you take sand and mold it into something flowing,” he said. As the Kettenhofen glass collection expanded to other mediums, color remained a constant.

“If you look around and you see a lot of different things, you see bright colors and soft colors. The color fascinates me “, he said.

This element can be seen in the work of Kettenhofen’s star artist, Terry Kasprzak of Loveland. The works of landscapes and buildings are all in light and bright colors.

“It’s a reflection on my joyful outlook on life,” Kasprzak said. “I like bright colors. I like the contrast.”

Kasprzak said he was inspired by his surroundings in Colorado.

“It sets your imagination on fire,” he said.

Kettenhofen visits about 13 online auctions each week to search for new pieces. If he finds an artist he likes, he will search more.

“If I get the chance to get to know them, definitely,” Kettenhofen says of the artist who catches his eye.

“It gives me an idea of ​​what they’re trying to tell me through their art by getting to know them,” he said.

From time to time he will try to sell part of his collection. The work at the Fourth Street Gallery is for sale and he has a website with some pieces (www.yessy.com/terryketten).

“What I tell people is to look at my website and if you have a style you like or artists you like, call me, I have many more,” he said. However, for Kettenhofen is more about the work than profit.

“I guess because I’m not trying to sell them, it’s more of a passion then an entrepreneurial venture,” he said.

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