Buffalo Art Movement and Red Disk Team Up to Celebrate Local Art at Pierce Arrow Historic Complex – Buffalo Rising

Friday May 21 Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) and Red disc open their doors to kick off four art exhibitions and a behind-the-scenes look at the craft wallpaper creation process.

Adjacent to the Buffalo Cultural Corridor and located at 255 Great Arrow Avenue, Red Disk and BAM! are great examples where art and commerce combine to amplify the talents of fine artists. Both organizations are on a mission to highlight the value of bringing local art into homes, paving the way for a new model for the art trade in Buffalo.

Since the official opening of their 4000 square foot art gallery in December 2020, BAM! has always lived up to its goal of providing exhibition space for local artists. And just down the hall in Suite 217, Red Disk’s team of artisan printmakers design and produce custom-made prints of hand-screen printed wallpaper micro-prints inspired by original artwork, including designs created by Charles E. Burchfield.

“Our collection is linked to our artists and their stories, inspirations, emotions and experiences that drove them to create,” said Traci Ackerman, Founder of Red Disk. “Some designs may speak to you, others may not, but those that are part of your story and are shared with those invited to your spaces. “

During their opening weekend, Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) Will feature local artists Kristin Brandt, Michael Constantine and Jillian Taylor, whose works are available for purchase. In addition to the featured artists, BAM! hosts a collection of works that celebrate the LGBTQ + community, just in time for Pride Month.

“It’s important for us to be able to document an artist during their creative process and to share it with others,” said Joseph Babcock, Creative Director of BAM !. “Ultimately, we want our guests to live the stories that inspire our exhibiting artists and leave with a deeper appreciation for the quality of art in Buffalo.”

With the lifting of COVID restrictions in New York State, visitors to BAM! and Red Disk are encouraged to plan their visit.

The exhibition dates for “Reflections” featuring artists Kristin Brandt, Jillian Taylor and Michael Constantine are May 21 through July 2.

Pierce-Arrow Commerce Park, 255 Great Arrow Avenue, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207 | [email protected] | 716-939-2445Vuffa

Kristin Brandt – Mass

Informed by its relationship between art and meditation, Kristin brandt invites us to recognize the collective consciousness in movement and the abstract. It illustrates the parallels between spirit and matter, substance and attribute, potentiality and actuality, to create lyrical movements of form and scale. While her canvas explores the evocations of feelings, memories or images to the conscious mind, Kristin’s “mass” is a tribute to the fragments that make up our collective existence.

Jillian Taylor – Haven

Guided by observations of life in motion, Jillian taylorgestural brushstrokes reconstruct memories of family and nature. “Haven” is an ode to Jillian’s love for painting and the sanctuary she finds in her palette. Whether it’s an open-air painted landscape or portraits and figures, Jillian’s thick painted canvas expresses the beauty and happiness behind the simple moments we sometimes take for granted.

Michael Constantine – Pretty Thoughts

In “On the mourning …”, Michel Constantin examines the stages of grief in response to their experience of racism and trauma. Continuing on from her emotional journey, “Pretty Thoughts” takes us through the anatomy of anxiety management. Michael creates dreamlike works to escape the wounds of unpleasant realities induced by societal pressures of race and identity.

Song of Myself – LGBTQ + Artists from the Gerald Mead Collection

Queer artists have been in western New York for over a century. LGBTQ + voices have been whispered from the closet, shouted in response to cataclysmic events (i.e. Stonewall riots, AIDS pandemic, ACT UP movement, etc.) Acceptance of LGBTQ + people n has never been universal. Additionally, gay people continue to suffer from rejection, discrimination, harassment, imprisonment and violence, highlighting the need for increased advocacy and education to promote acceptance.

Growing up queer is difficult, even in tolerant environments. We all go through a process of confusion, shame, fear, acceptance, courage and pride that ultimately defines who we are and how we see ourselves in the world. Alexander Leon sums up the feeling that many LGBTQ + people felt during their formative years: “Gay people don’t grow up like ourselves, we grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity to downplay humiliation and prejudice. The huge task of our adult life is figuring out which parts of ourselves are really us and which parts we have created to protect ourselves.

In collaboration with Gerald Mead, artist and collector, Buffalo Art Movement is proud to honor the queer artists of WNY who, throughout history, have created a body of work that visibly represents LGBTQ + identity. The importance of their work continues to pave the way for a new generation of queer artists who will further strengthen the contributions of the LGBTQ + community to the art world. The works presented have been presented in renowned art galleries, collected around the world and have been included in the permanent collection of museums such as The Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University, The Burchfield Penney Art Center, Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Featured artists: Steve Ardo, Eric Bellman, Edward Bisone, Annie Crawford, Jack Edson, Keith Gemerek, Brandon Giessmann, Jim Goodrich, Jeremiah Goodman, Anthony Peter Gorny, Amy Greenan, Andrew Hershey, Thomas Matyas, Scott McCarney, Dana McKnight, Tommy Nguyen, Alice O’Malley, Joe Radoccia, Paul Rybarczyk, Joseph Scheer, Clara Sipprell, Peter Stephens, CJ Szatkowski, Gerry Szymanski, Adam Weekley and Joe Ziolkowski.

About BAM!

Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) Supports the development and works of emerging and established artists in western New York State. As an exhibition space and art incubator, we strive to foster collaboration between artists, patrons, students, galleries and artistic institutions within our community. We are a space free from commercial, political, religious, socio-economic and ethnic prejudices, where ideas and new voices are celebrated. Our vision is to provide a platform for local artists to flourish beyond the borders of WNY.

About the red disk

What started as a journey to honor art and history has evolved into a growing portfolio of designs inspired by original artwork. The Red Disk collection mixes historic wallpapers designed almost 100 years ago by Charles E. Burchfield with works of art currently created by artists of today. Each roll of wallpaper is hand screen printed by artisans in Buffalo, New York, using high quality materials that are environmentally friendly. Red Disk was created to make fine art more accessible.

Norma D. Ross