Art collector presents exhibit at Appleton Museum of Art

OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) – Over 60 new works of art are on display at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala.

“’Memories and Inspiration’ was one of the featured exhibits we wanted to make sure to bring to Ocala,” said Jason Steuber, director of the art museum.

The African American Art Collection features different artists over the past 100 years, in different forms and expressions.

This is the first time that the collection is in Florida.

“The works of art arrived at the beginning of January so we have been able to install them in the last few weeks. It also highlights the great American tradition of African American artists, but American artists in general, ”added Stueber.

TV20 took a tour of the exhibit and we found some interesting things including a statue of collection owner Kerry Davis.

With his wife C. Betty, they brought together the works of art presented in the exhibition “Memories and inspiration”.

Davis said he started his current collection in the mid-1980s, and after an exhibition at Clark University in Atlanta in early 2020, these works have been on tour.

“I think the art world, especially for African American artists, is still small, in the grand scheme of things. It is relatively small, it is getting bigger and bigger, much bigger, but as the news spread, different institutions started to see the catalog. There was interest there, ”Davis said.

From paintings to prints to sculpture, Davis said he hoped there was room for discovery: “There are a lot of African-American artists who work and do an outstanding job and during for so long these artists have been under-recognized, so this is the opportunity to go out for some people to discover new works and new artists and for others to visit old friends, ”he said .

And on the Appleton app, you can view the permanent collection in addition to the museum’s new exhibit.

Museum specialist Vanessa Scott said visitors can read and view 12 photos of the various pieces in the collection from the app.

“The app gives you the ability to virtually go see the exhibit or at least get a taste of it, whether you’re in Ocala or living in another part of America or even overseas.” . One positive impact of being able to put this artwork on the app is that it now draws a larger crowd than we would with regular visitors, ”said Scott.

The application is free to download.

The exhibition “Memories and inspiration” will be on display until March 28.

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