2 WT Professors Detail Women in the American Art Movement in Book | KAMR

CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – According to officials at West Texas A&M University, two professors from the university published a book on June 23 detailing abstract and expressionism and the role of women in the American art movement. .

Dr Amy Von Lintel, Professor of Art History at the WT and Director of Gender Studies, together with Dr Bonnie Roos, Professor of English and Head of Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages, have writes the bookThree Women Artists: The Expansion of Abstract Expressionism in the American Westwhich delves into the artistic movement which has otherwise been “defined in rather limited terms”, according to the professors.

“We are rethinking some of the strict thinking of what Abstract Expressionism was – rethinking it in terms of genre, geography, medium, style and subject – by examining the evidence,” Von Lintel said.

“We examine how they went from being central figures in their time to being marginalized, dismissed as tokens in academic writing until recently,” Roos said.

The book, according to WT officials, focused on Elaine de Kooning, Jeanne Reynal and Louise Nevelson who traveled to Amarillo and the High Plains discovering abstract styles.

“These women ventured from New York to our area for the same reason that artists often travel to new places: they found paid work, markets, patrons and friends,” Von Lintel said.

The women then found Dord Fitz, the namesake of WT’s official art gallery, who invited them to show their work in “The Women: Tops in Art,” a 1960 exhibit in Amarillo.

“These artists, along with Dord Fitz and his infectious enthusiasm for art, have had an incredible impact on the Texas Panhandle and High Plains region,” said Alex Gregory, curator of art at the Amarillo Museum of Art. “Without these artists visiting the region, holding workshops and selling their work to regional collectors, the history of the museum and of art in the region would be completely different.”

An exhibition inspired by the research of Von Lintel and Roos about the neglected women who played a central role in the American art movement is scheduled to open on August 7 at the Amarillo Museum of Art, located at 2200 S. Van Buren St.

Norma D. Ross